21st March 2019 - 23rd March 2019




Thursday 21- Saturday 23 March, 2019
The Neon, Newport


Part of the Storm Cycle
National Theatre Wales

Created by Mike Brookes
Sound Designer: Mike Beer
Composer: Tic Ashfield
Associate Director: Julia Thomas
Emerging Director: Kyle Legall

A brand new show that fuses postwar and contemporary text, innovative sound and a young cast of local actors and spoken word performers to explore ideas of personal freedom and choice.

The problem with choosing is that it just goes on, moment by moment, for an entire lifetime, and happens without reason.
I guess I just still want to feel that I can always re-choose.
That no choice I make will be so bad that I can’t be saved from it,
from myself.

What are the consequences of our choices on ourselves and on others? Made and performed in Newport during the weeks leading up to the UK’s planned withdrawal from the EU, this show will be performed by an extraordinary cast drawn from the area’s vocal but under-represented millennial generation.

Immersing the audience into the heart of the action, STORM.3: Together and Alone will be a timely, theatrical response to the stormy political times in which we find ourselves.

Based on Pour une morale de l’ambiguïté by Simone de Beauvoir.


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