It is unclear when nightclubs will open their doors again, however, the government has confirmed that they will remain closed by law for the time being.

The PM said that for now nightclubs, along with dance halls and discotheques, will stay shut – yet this will be kept under review.

This is due to the difficulty of making them Covid-secure due to limited social distancing and lower ability to keep areas clean constantly.

In the Government’s three-step plan published on May 11, it states that reopening venues where the “core purpose is social interaction (such as nightclubs) may only be fully possible significantly later depending on the reduction in the numbers of infections”.

The Government plan read: “Reopening outdoor spaces and activities (subject to continued social distancing) comes earlier in the roadmap because the risk of transmission outdoors is significantly lower.”

However, now that from Monday 14 September Brits can’t meet up in social spaces with more than six people, it seems unlikely that clubs will be opening anytime soon.

How will social distancing nightclubs work?

In spite of pubs, theatres, music halls and many open-air venues now being allowed to start running again with social distancing, nightclubs pose a major challenge.

It is believed that clubs will be required to adhere to a strict set of rules before resuming operations.

It’s been said that dance floors are “a challenging area to operate” with social distancing remaining intact.

This could mean that clubbers wash their hands with sanitiser before coming in.

Dance floor fans may be subject to temperature checks before entry, and queuing outside venues would be spaced out with markings to maintain distancing.

For clubs with seating and tables, people may have to remain in their seat within a bubble to stick to social distancing.

Nightclubs may have to wait a while before reopening
Nightclubs may have to wait a while before reopeningCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What other public spaces remain closed?

Alongside nightclubs, sports and performance stadiums are still closed to the public.

Outdoor pools and outdoor performances, including opera, theatre and music, were allowed to reopen first, from July 11.

Meanwhile, beauty salons, tattoo studios and tanning salons reopened from July 13.

Nail salons and massage parlours were also allowed to reopen from that date.

Indoor gyms, indoor pools and indoor sporting facilities have been allowed to reopen from July 25, in a boost for fitness buffs.

Beauty salons, tattoo studios, spas and barbers across England will be able to offer all close contact services now too.

Source : Sun